(UK (Scotland))


Date / Time
6:15pm Thursday
2:30pm Friday

Hailing from a quaint coastal haven in Scotland, NATI. has amassed nearly 2 million digital followers, sharing stages with legends like Newton Faulkner, and Simply Red. Her cap6va6ng live-streamed shows enthralled fans worldwide, inspiring her to embrace music full-6me. Last November, her triumphant UK journey le^ sold-out imprints across Scotland and England, culmina6ng in a monumental headline performance at Cel6c Connec6ons. Cra^ing hear_elt original composi6ons, NATI. has headlined fes6vals, with her debut EP ‘Older’ released last October. From bedroom guitar sessions to global acclaim, NATI. embodies the journey from dream to reality, with her muchan6cipated sophomore EP on the horizon.

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