(United Kingdom)

Lucy Tun holds a mirror up to the collective face of her generation so closely they can see their breath on it. But the Burmese-British artist is interested in more than strategic angles, tricks of light and carefully crafted illusion – she’s searching for the real image.

Her latest EP Unreal traces the blurred line where fantasy ends and reality begins; the mascara-smeared, screen-smashed collision between your curated world and the facts that fall short. And it’s there, that in-between space of drifting away with a daydream while being harshly tethered to earth, that you’ll find Lucy Tun – and every twenty-something who feels a pang of resonance in her music. For the first time since her artistic reincarnation from LCYTN to her complete name, a choice driven by maturity and a statement of commitment to her vision, Lucy is in soft-focus: no longer content to be the main character, Unreal sees her flip her camera lens to the world around her.

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