Erin LeCount

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
7:30pm Thursday

20 year old Erin LeCount is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Essex / London. Inspired by the cinematic, dreamy, and experimental, influenced by artists such as Fiona Apple, Lorde, The XX, Florence + The Machine, Lana del Rey, BANKS, FKA Twigs, and Sampha she’s creating an innovative, ethereal, alternative-pop coming-of-age soundtrack, filled with synths, layered vocals, and industrial everyday sounds. Her voice and production pair with
her confessional, diary-like lyrics that share secrets and stories of ‘big feelings’, questions, self-aware observations, and reflections of her own inner world and the world around her. Between writing and producing in
her garden shed, expanding her sound and vision in collaboration with coproducers, and only just getting started with the release of her first two singles ‘Killing Time’ & ‘Bday Blues’- she’s in the process of creating and becoming an artist you may not want to miss.

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