(UK (Scotland))

Hailing from suburban Glasgow, Alex grew up singing in choirs, inspired by their ethereal sound as much as she was the lyricism and syncopation of rap. Whilst music always enriched her life, Alex’s compulsion towards creativity first led her to art school where she studied textile design, creating garments which experimented with tailored simplicity and bold patterns. This appreciation for duality is not lost when translated to Alex’s music, which is inspired widely by her fascination with the intersection of opposing forces. Whilst Alex’s music documents her own experiences and passions, it’s as much a vehicle of connection as it is personal reflection. “The lyrics are conversational for a reason: I am speaking directly to people from the heart. There’s an overarching theme of positivity in my music, the idea that it’s okay if things aren’t okay but there’s always hope that things will get better.”

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