A series of panels, parties and networking events presented by TGE’s industry partners – putting the focus on more industry topics and providing opportunities to meet other delegates.


This year The Great Escape Conference will see a wide range of partners hosting panels at Leonardo Royal Waterfront Hotel Brighton. Expect to see TikTok x Ticketmaster, The Spanish Wave, Audio Network, BPI, Pollstar, Vinyl Alliance and Music Support as well as many more.

As always, the event will provide one of the best opportunities of the year to make industry contacts, with a huge range of networking events being held by: Audio Network, Sounds Australia, AWAL, BIMM, BPI, FUGA, Music from Ireland, Northern Alliance, Qobuz, Creative Scotland, Sentric, SESAC. The Spanish Wave, Sounds Swedish, The Orchard, Ticketmaster New Music, UD, VEVO, Wasserman, WME and Live Nation.

Please see our exciting TGE Partner Programme below:

Thursday 16th May

10:00 – 11:00
The Spanish Wave and ALTAFONTE Present: Spain, Europe and Latam..Joining the DOTS
Presented by The Spanish Wave and ALTAFONTE

Moderated by Tomas Crespo from Altafonte, featuring esteemed guests from the vibrant Spanish and UK Music industry including Maxime Dodinet (Sony Music), Beatriz de la Guardia (Planet Events at Live Nation Spain), Chiara Hellquist Martínez (senior music and talent manager at VEVO Spain), Jose Luis Seijas (Candela Records / Latino Life UK), Mar Rojo (Sonido Muchacho), Fernando Montes (William Morris Endeavour UK) and Carlos Abreu (United Talent Agency).

This panel discusses Spain as a hotbed of musical talent, so much so that it can provide a business bridge between the Latam continents and Europe. What are the first steps and recommendations for European artists trying to cross the bridge to Latam territories? Our experts will discuss the do’s and dont’s in attempting to break the Latam market. Also on the agenda: is so-called “Latin Music” really happening in UK and Europe? Or is it just a USA phenomenon?

Tomas Crespo – ALTAFONTE (Moderator)
Mar Rojo – Sonido Muchacho
Fernando Montes – WME
Jose Luis Seijas – Candela Records / Latino Life
Beatriz de la Guardia – Planet Events
Maxime Dodinet – Sony Music
Carlos Abreu – UTA
Chiara Hellquist – VEVO

11:30 – 12:30
Audio Network and 45RPM Presents: Finding The Perfect Soundtrack – The Art of Music Supervision
Presented by Audio Network and 45RPM

Join Audio Network and 45RPM at The Great Escape Festival for an engaging panel discussion on “Finding The Perfect Soundtrack: The Art of Music Supervision.” Dive into the world of music supervision as industry experts share insights, tips, and strategies for selecting the right music to enhance visual storytelling. Whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator, artist or composer, this panel will offer valuable perspectives on the crucial role of music in creating unforgettable audio-visual experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process behind crafting the perfect soundtrack.

Jay Greenwood – Audio Network
Guy Sylvester – Audio Network
Nick Angel – 45RPM
Catherine Grieves- 45RPM

13:00 – 14:00
BPI Presents: In Tune With Talent
Presented by BPI

BPI CEO Dr Jo Twist OBE and BPI CSO Sophie Jones will chair a panel discussion on the symbiotic relationship that exists between education and the music/creative industries.
Jo and Sophie will look to explore how the door to talent can be opened further, including around the UK, so that talented young artists and people drawn from all backgrounds can have a meaningful opportunity to find their way into the industry – be nurtured and developed and realise their full potential. Also how, in particular, record labels, artist management, regional hubs, media platforms, and other parts of the music ecosystem are already working effectively together to tap into the talent pipeline and what more can be done or is needed for our industry to be able to harness diverse talent to help grow British music consumption and exports.

Jo Twist – BPI
Sophie Jones – BPI
Esmee O’Keeffe – Modern Sky
Kelly Betts – BBC Introducing
Malena Woolfer – Believe
Joel Duncan – Mixtape Madness

14:30 – 15:30
Vinyl Alliance Presents: Pressed for Success – Navigating the Vinyl Frontier
Presented by Vinyl Alliance

Vinyl is booming business for independent artists. Whether they’re buying to “support the band”, or as an antidote to the ephemera of music streaming, fans are coming out in force to buy records they can have and hold forever and ever.

Hosted by The Vinyl Alliance, this expert panel brings together the key players from every step of the vinyl development process to describe what it takes to get your tracks onto wax. We’ll discuss the exploding scale of the market, the critical steps & considerations, what it costs, and how you get paid. We’ll also look at what the industry’s doing about sustainability, and how you can help.

The aesthetic value of vinyl is more important than ever to fans. We’ll talk about design & packaging, the creative & storytelling options, and what fans are buying, and John Newton of independent label Pets Care Records and the band JOHN will join us, describing how the vinyl release of their album ‘A Life Diagrammatic’ reflected its conceptual roots’.

Ryan Mitrovich – Vinyl Alliance (Moderator)
James Stafford – Republic of Music
John Newton – Pets Care Records & JOHN
Karen Emanuel – Key Production

16:00 – 17:00
Pollstar Presents: Providing Opportunities For Young Execs and Artists Entering the Business
Presented by Pollstar

Pollstar Presents a discussion around an overall view on how to support younger execs / artists entering the business / challenges etc.

Brij Gosai – Pollstar (Moderator)
Matt Johnson – Red Light Management
Andy Nees – WME
Ben Martin – Marshall Arts
Lucy Fenner – Alexandra Palace
Emily Kent – Asylum Record

Friday 17th May

10:00 – 11:00
The Spanish Wave and DIY Present: The Land of Festivals
Presented by The Spanish Wave and DIY

Moderated by Rupert Vereker of DIY Magazine, featuring esteemed guests from the booming Spanish live sector including Cindy Castillo (Mad Cool Festival), Sebastian Vera (Mallorca Live Festival), Maria Arias (Ticketmaster Spain and Artist and Promoter Relations Lead at Ticketmaster Music), Israel Perez (Productions Baltimore: Warm Up Festival, Murcia; Low Festival, Benidorm), Ruben Gutierrez del Castillo (Function SGAE VP) and Tali Acosta (Sonidos Liquidos, Lanzarote).

Spain is the land of many festivals and many varied festivals at that. The festival season is a huge international draw for music lovers across the globe, from Mad Cool in Madrid to Warm Up Festival in Murcia or Sonidos Liquidos boutique festival in the beautiful island of Lanzarote to Mallorca Live. The panel will discuss how the Spanish festival scene benefits from enormous variety, thanks to regional differences to be enjoyed in the different landscapes, languages and cultures across the country. Climate change is an undeniably important challenge to the festival landscape, which means that a traditionally hot country is getting even hotter. Can the Spanish live industry share their expertise of dealing with climate change with European colleagues and help them climate proof their productions? Our panel can offer logistical, sound advice to make today’s outdoor events a success, no matter what the weather.

Rupert Vereker – DIY Magazine (Moderator)
Cindy Castillo – Mad Cool Festival
Tali Acosta – Sonidos Liquidos Festival
Israel Perez – Producciones Baltimore
Sebastian Vera – Mallorca Live Festival
Ruben Gutierres del Castillo – Fundacion SGAE


14:30 – 15:15
TikTok and Ticketmaster Present: Reaching Fans With TikTok
Presented by TikTok and Ticketmaster

Critical to the careers of artists is their success on the road, and thanks to a ground-breaking partnership between Ticketmaster and TikTok artists can now speak directly to their audience and sell more tickets while doing so. Michael Kummerle, TikTok’s Global Music Partnership Development Lead, and Ticketmaster’s Dan Armstrong will be joined by artists NOAHFINNCE and Lo Lauren to explore strategies on how to effectively utilise TikTok to promote music, boost ticket sales, and reach new audiences.

Michael Kummerle – TikTok
Dan Armstrong – Ticketmaster
Lo Lauren – Artist

16:00 – 17:00
Music Support Present: Family & Friends – The Ripple Effect
Presented by Music Support

Ripple effect – “A situation in which one event produces effects which spread and produce further effects”

Music Support, the charity that helps anyone who works in UK music and live events impacted by mental ill-health and/or addiction, is currently supporting the highest number of individuals since we established, with alcohol addiction being the number one challenge, closely followed by anxiety, depression and burnout. Mental ill-health and addiction, however, do not just affect the individual directly impacted. They can also send a ripple effect that can severely impact those around them. Join us for a discussion on the ripple effect and Music Support’s new service to help family and friends (including colleagues) supporting someone who is struggling including online resources, peer support calls and a free workshop focusing on addiction and co-dependency.


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