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Date / Time
10:00pm Friday

New York City is horny again. Blame The Dare. Harrison Patrick Smith’s new project revels in the aesthetics of late 2000s bloghouse with a post- COVID air of abandonment. Equal parts anthemic and cheeky, The Dare’s quotable bangers make a compelling case for the electroclash revival. “Dancepunk and electroclash represent a lot of my personal ideals about music,” he explains. “It should be fun, dangerous, somewhat punk and primitive, but still tasteful and stylish.” Harrison is a fixture in New York City’s thriving club scene. His DJ residency, Freakquencies, draws hordes of downtown cool kids to sticky- floored underground clubs every Thursday. After three years getting communally cock-blocked by a global pandemic, the city’s restless youth is hungry for an artist to embody the party. As The Dare, Harrison Patrick Smith steps up to the plate: “What I do is not that complicated. It’s about the energy. It’s about giving people permission to have a good time.

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