Juliet Ivy

(United States)


Date / Time
4:15pm Thursday

juliet ivy is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from new york city. known for her unique lyrics and dreamy melodies, juliet creates a musical world that blends pop, indie, folk, and hyperpop into one seamless sound. by combining existential and introspective subject matter with playful lyrics, juliet’s music presents a child-like sense of wonder and an intellectual view of the world. she is able to disguise abstract concepts through her own whimsical lens. growing up in a colombian-chinese household, she has crafted her sound from a melting pot of cultural influences and has a natural ability to put a gen-z twist on tradition.

coming off the back of her hugely successful debut EP playpen, with the track ‘we’re all eating each other’ amassing over 40 million views/streams and reaching #1 on spotify’s global viral chart, juliet is finishing her next project, set to come out summer of 2024.

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