Johnny Hunter



Date / Time
8:30pm Thursday
2:30pm Friday
12:30pm Saturday

It is said that only through the trials and tribulations of turmoil do the doors of destiny open. A series of political blunders led to the death of culture in Sydney, gone was the midnight pulse
that kept the city living and breathing. Rising from the ashes of this stoney rubble, a dark figure emerged, doused in eyeliner, smeared in lipstick, Johnny Hunter was born. Kicking and screaming in every corner of Sydney’s underground. Johnny Hunter haunted pubs with their obscure cabaret, blistering post punk riffs and howling bullish poetry. Gushing with the glamour and bravado of the likes of Morrissey and Bowie whilst bleeding the torment of Joy Division and The Cure, The Johnny Hunter experience caught like wildfire, onlookers became followers and followers became fanatics giving the band its cult status in Sydney

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