Desirée Dawson



Date / Time
2:10pm Thursday
7:15pm Friday

Desirée Dawson is a multi-talented artist celebrated for her achievements in recording, songwriting, producing, and sound healing facilitation. Notably, she received a JUNO Award nomination for her album “Meet You At The Light,” won two SXSW Music Video Awards, and earned a UK Music Video Award nomination. Desirée recently opened for Serena Ryder during her west coast Canadian tour. Her music, particularly the single “I Am Blessed,” has gained viral acclaim on Instagram and TikTok, engaging a global audience. Joining the Keychange cohort underscores her commitment to innovation, and she actively contributes to her community through music-focused workshops and consultations. Desirée is a beacon in the music industry, leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter her.

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