Depresión Sonora



Date / Time
10:15pm Thursday
1:30pm Friday

Marcos Crespo was born in Vallecas in 1997. The biographical note is not a whim: the
themes of his songs explore the concerns of a twenty

something suburbanite as he
navigates through the emotional turbulence of the life stage
he faces. In the musical
aspect, he draws from post

punk originated in past decades, but his discourse radiates
a present that is his own and of an entire generation, fatigued, anxious, and pushed
without alternative towards hyperproductivity. His lyrics
hold a documentary value, a
testimony of his own time. If you haven’t grown up in this context of digital dominance
and economic recessions, you might find it a bit more challenging to understand, but
you can still enjoy it. “Depresión Sonora” processes th
e past and the present to sound
contemporary and necessary

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