Vinyl Alliance: Pressed for Success – Navigating the Vinyl Frontier

Presented by Vinyl Alliance

Vinyl is booming business for independent artists. Whether they’re buying to “support the band”, or as an antidote to the ephemera of music streaming, fans are coming out in force to buy records they can have and hold forever and ever.

Hosted by The Vinyl Alliance, this expert panel brings together the key players from every step of the vinyl development process to describe what it takes to get your tracks onto wax. We’ll discuss the exploding scale of the market, the critical steps & considerations, what it costs, and how you get paid. We’ll also look at what the industry’s doing about sustainability, and how you can help.

The aesthetic value of vinyl is more important than ever to fans. We’ll talk about design & packaging, the creative & storytelling options, and what fans are buying, and John Newton of independent label Pets Care Records and the band JOHN will join us, describing how the vinyl release of their album ‘A Life Diagrammatic’ reflected its conceptual roots’.

Ryan Mitrovich – Vinyl Alliance (Moderator)
James Stafford – Republic of Music
John Newton – Pets Care Records & JOHN
Karen Emanuel – Key Production