Music Leaders Network Presents: ‘Communicate Your Way’ Workshop

A 45-minute workshop with Music Leaders Network founders Remi Harris MBE and Tamara Gal-On based on a highlight from their highly regarded leadership programme.

Learn about your personal behaviour style using the DISC system, then find out how to communicate with collaborators who are different to you.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Insight into your own communication style
  • Tips to get the best out of people who make you wonder “why are they like this?”

All delegates welcome. 

Music Leaders Network is now open for applications for their UK Programme (Starts September 2024) and Nordic Programme (Starts March 2025).

About Music Leaders Network

Music Leaders Network is a leadership development programme for mid-career women in music created by Remi Harris and Tamara Gal-On.

The programme has helped network members to become more confident, effective leaders who are realising their full potential in the music industry.

They are doing this by:

  • living by their values at work
  • making ambitious career moves
  • being more visible
  • handling difficult conversations with greater ease
  • improving their communication
  • building powerful networks
  • and asking for (and getting!) the money they want at work.