Building and Managing your Dream Team

Presented by the Council of Music Makers

This panel dives deep into the thrilling (and sometimes chaotic) world of building a successful artist team. Hear from an artist and their dream team (Manager, Label, Booking Agent) as they share the secrets to:

  • Assembling a diverse and powerful team that fuels your creative vision.  How to know when it is right and when not.
  • Conquering the challenges of touring, content creation, and budget Prioritising
  • Prioritising mental health for both artists and their teams in a demanding industry.
  • Setting professional boundaries for a sustainable and thriving career.

Whether you’re a new artist just starting out, or looking to take your career to the next level, this panel offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to navigate the exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) journey of building a dream team in the music industry.


Annabella Coldrick – Chief Executive, MMF
Nimesh Jani – Artist Manager / 939 Management
Sam Tompkins – Artist
Kazia Davy – Live Agent / UTA
Daniel Lloyd Jones – Head of A&R/ Island Records UK