Association of Independent Music

Wednesday 15th May 2024 – An afternoon of talks, discussions, case studies and insights presented by Association of Independent Music


Association of Independent Music

AIM is the not-for-profit organisation representing and supporting the UK’s independent music community, which makes up over a quarter of the UK’s recorded music market..


AIM will be bringing the Big Conversation, with a host of expert discussions and conversations looking at the State of Independence, past present and future.


2pm – Independent Success
Presented by AIM

Kicking off The Great Escape Conference 2024 are the Association of Independent Music, who’ll present ‘Independent Success’ – exploring the factors, tips and tricks that contribute to creating impact in the independent sector, featuring a special artist case study.

3pm – Boutique Independence – Defining the Sound of the Future
Presented by AIM

Join AIM at the Soundwaves stage for ‘Boutique Independence – Defining the Sound of the Future’, a panel discussion led by Stella Reid (Rough Bones) alongside Mark Lippmann (Scruff of the Neck) and Jade Johnston (Chess Club Records) who will all be sharing their expertise on running independent labels in 2024.


Stella Reid – Rough Bones
Mark Lippmann – Scruff of the Neck
Jade Johnston – Chess Club Records

4pm – AIM and Downtown – The Route of Independence
Presented by AIM

The route of independence is an increasingly popular choice for artists and labels. The independent sector offers a wealth of services and tools for artists and labels to thrive in their career and monetize their music, whilst remaining completely empowered over their rights. Why has this become a more popular path and how do artists and labels work with their distributors and teams to achieve success?

Downtown is the world’s largest independent music services company with over 2 million clients and services across distribution, publishing, marketing, royalty accounting and more. Join members of Downtown and FUGA in conversation with their label clients as they discuss individual success stories, how music service companies can help and why the relationship between all parties is what counts the most.


Association of Independent Music will be presenting at The Great Escape Beach 2pm-5pm on Wednesday 15th May 2024 and is open to anyone with a TGE delegate or conference pass.