(United Kingdom)

London-based alternative post-rock four-piece (comprised of Mia Scarlet, Ross Fernyhough, Joshua Rowell and Gabriel Powell) The band is bridging gothic rock and shoegaze, blending their various influences of post-punk and art-rock

Their first release “Curtainsong” navigates the dread of modern-day social interactions, whilst “Hideaway” – a hopeless childlike vision of the world’s end, shows environmental and political issues as deep flaws of the world humans created themselves and continue to hide from.

“Everyday Masquerade” is an ode to inspiration, and the individual’s vision – the monotonous attempts to possess the means to justify the struggle of what it entails to be an artist, with almost no footing in their everyday life. From joy, to anger, to the endless monotony, the single is an affirmation of the experience of these emotions.

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