Tamara & the dreams



Date / Time
10:15pm Friday
12:15pm Saturday

Tamara & the Dreams is the beloved indie pop project of Melbourne’s voice of a generation, Tamara Reichman. Born in bedrooms and grown in bandrooms, it is based on a deep love for songwriting that makes you laugh, cry and feel understood. Inspired by indie heroes like Frankie Cosmos, Courtney Barnett, and Julia Jacklin, Tamara‚Äôs candid observations and charisma are filtered through effervescent guitar songs. Armed with the superpower of cutting to the core of idealism, angst, longing, love and the internet, and conjuring instantly relatable, catchy pop, Tamara & the Dreams has captured the affection of many in the Australian and global music community.

The band has supported an endless list of indie favourites and friends including The Beths, Hachiku, Gabriella Cohen and Annie Hamilton and been on the lineups of the likes of Meadow Festival, Gaytimes, Bush Music festival, CHANGES festival, Brunswick Music Festival and St Kilda festival.

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