(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
10:15pm Saturday

>STREAMER_ is a 3 piece band merging guitars, drums and electronica defining a new genre they call Indie Trance.

“Really into this … doing something really exciting and different” – Abbie McCarthy, BBC Introducing

>STREAMER_’s soundscape is all encompassing and their performance is a pumping, hands-in-the-air, sing along crowd pleaser, with cross generational appeal.

A recent review from legendary Camden venue, The Dublin Castle, said:

“>STREAMER_’s effortless blend of Rave Rock, searing lead guitar, dubby, electronica tinged anthemic pop and intense Floydian dynamics really had the crowd going ape. It was a pleasure to witness… a band that can really play, merge technology and rock and roll adroitly, mesmerise, and make you dance and sing along.”

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