(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
8:15pm Saturday

Sinead Campbell, the Jamaican- Irish, northern powerhouse soul singer, delivers uplifting catchy grooves with
emotion-infused vocals and vintage touch. Her smooth vocals weave tales of love and introspection.
Sinead is back with a whole new sound leaving her old alias behind. This new start comes from a rich history of
performances alongside acclaimed artists such as Basement Jaxx, Arrested Development and Soul 11 Soul, as well
as festivals such as Live At Leeds, Pub In The Park and previous sold out hometown shows in Bradford. Sinead has
a portfolio career: she is currently The Bradford Music Lead, part of the Northern Music Network, Director of
Music Month Festival and is currently working with QM Records. Her journey is marked by resilience, growth,
building a portfolio brand and a relentless pursuit of artistic expression and authenticity.

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