(UK (Scotland))


Date / Time
8:15pm Thursday
12:30pm Friday

“With rEDOLENT, we’re constantly trying to make it interesting in some way,” says Danny Herbert. That vision can be heard across their experimental, angular, electronic indie pop but it’s also the driving force behind their conversational lyrics, which tackle everyday anxieties, struggles with mental health and addiction, discontent with the 9-5 rat race and giddy, reckless abandon.

Debut album ‘dinny greet’ sees the Edinburgh 5-piece confident in their warped take on the world, offering harsh reality and joyous escapism over the course of ten sleek, considered tracks. “It’s the most us we’ve ever been,” says Robin Herbert. “We feel honed as a team,” he continues, with the entirely DIY outfit growing up together over the past decade to form something wholly unique.

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