Date / Time
7:15pm Thursday
7:15pm Friday

Ona Mafalda, London-born with Spanish and Bulgarian roots, has left a mark on Spain’s music scene. Her upbringing between the UK and Mallorca shapes her music, blending influences.

Debuting her Spanish EP “Bailando sin sentido” in April 2021, she gained acclaim, establishing herself as a pop talent.

Performances at Primavera Sound 2022 and collaborations like “Ahí Ft Lusillon” and “Que Se Acabe Ft Delaporte.” showcased her rise.

Opening for Coldplay in Barcelona in May 2023 was a career highlight. Her debut album “ONA,” produced by Oddliquor, solidified her position in Spanish music.

Her 2024 ESNS Festival performance affirmed global aspirations, solidifying her as a significant presence in contemporary music.

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