Date / Time
2:00pm Thursday
2:15am Friday

OIEE is the colorful electronical solo project of Bence Kocsis launched in 2019. He is a well-known name in the Hungarian underground music scene both as a producer-songwriter, organizer, multimedia artist, the host of live impro electronical music series ‘WOPO-WOPO’ and leading singer of bands Saverne and Window.

OIEE’s main genres are nudisco, dance and R&B, mixing instrumental sounds with tropical and not-so-tropical house, techno, disco and trance elements and modern soul-like vocals, giving danceable melodies and catchy hooks a very individual and uncompromising sounding. “With this project, I wanted to try what it is like to work with other singers, even in the form of remixes. Many music has gathered in my brain over the years, for which I wanted to make a separate platform. This is more like a production work, less bounded by the band-specific compromises.” – said Bence on Index

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