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Date / Time
11:15pm Thursday

Malice K is an Olympia, WA born, NYC-based artist who’s songwriting is a mix of boyish charm juxtaposed withbruting, raw darkness and beautiful artistry. As a former member of Deathproof Inc, he has amassed a cult following as an atypical artist with a bi-polar nature, hopping from provocative punk-thrash-rock to lyrically melodic and acoustic. Emerging from the convergence of introspection and innovation, Malice K is a visionary
musician who intricately weaves emotive narratives through his music. With a commitment to authenticity and an old-school ethos, his artistry illuminates the modern landscape. On his 2022 EP Clean Up On Aisle Heaven, FADER said Pivoting easily from an Elliott Smith croon to an Isaac Brock bark, Malice K pushes past the usual pop pleasantries. He shows a cool disdain for the vibe he’s encapsulated so effortlessly, but his structures are studiously rendered. It’s clear he’s a disciple of the genres he seemingly scoffs at, always taking the time to read the boo

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