Date / Time
8:00pm Friday

Like the waves of the ocean, Joalin is always in a flow state. The Finland-born artist and dancer’s creative practice has always been inspired by movement – whether in her fluid, breathtaking pop melodies, dancing practice or the constant motion of her colourful upbringing. “I go deep anywhere by the water,” she says. “It’s what inspires me.” Like her source of inspiration, Joalin’s meditations on love, heartbreak and self-trust are moving
and all-encompassing. Set to an intoxicating blend of pop, R&B and reggaeton-inflected beats, she effortlessly glides from ethereal falsettos to puckish rap-speak, from English to Spanish. Joalin emigrated to Mexico with her mother aged ten; her formative years spent in the charming beachside town of Playa del Carmen helped her bloom into the artist she is now.

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