(UK (Scotland))


Date / Time
1:30pm Friday
7:30pm Friday

Jacob Alon is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a profound gift for storytelling. Both intimate and devastatingly introspective, his music is touched by a rare timelessness. Drawing fair comparisons to artists such as Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright, Alon’s sound cuts through the air with his powerful and haunting vocals, intricate guitar playing, and pensive, poetic lyrics.
Alon was born and raised by a young single mother in the quiet suburbs of Dunfermline, Fife, between the winding woods and industrial park mystics. He learned his first piano piece from his mum for a school show at age 9 and later picked up the guitar at 15, enchanted by the intimate, somber beauty of wizards such as Nick Drake and Adrianne Lenker.
Alon began writing songs in school as a way of making his friends laugh but never considered a career in music possible until much later. While studying medicine at university, Jacob found himself deeply confused and unhappy, only finding joy when making music.

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