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9:00pm Friday

Hailing from St Louis, Missouri, sibling Angel and Lulu Prost grew up listening to the larger-than-life sounds of big room DJs and emo heavyweights of early 2000s, influence by their older brother’s dubstep collection. Their own initial sonic experiments came from ‘imagining the space music was being played and celebrated in’, equipped with the idea that you can transcend the limitations of what’s around you. Sending each other stems over voice notes between NYC (where Angel went to Uni for neuroscience while living in a house that threw DIY shows) and Nashville (where Lulu went to college and would often be commissioned to produce singer-songwriter tracks for $50 a pop), they decamped back to St. Louis during the pandemic where they began to amass a discography of hyperactive sounds. This culminated in the release of last year’s critically acclaimed SPIRAL, an eclectic record that traverses genres from emotive synth-pop to turbulent punk, formed out of the duo’s

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