(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
8:15pm Friday

Emmeline is navigating her own sonic aesthetic as a lyrical polymath, fierce experimentalist and storyteller. Having grown up in a small village in West Yorkshire alongside her father, a poet and playwright, and her mother, who works in radio drama, she has always been fascinated by the power of words. At the age of 17, she begun entering spoken word competitions unbeknown to her family and friends, and soon won a national slam. Studying English at University, she met aspiring producers and beat-makers at parties and began to layer her lyrics over Soundcloud beats, experimenting by rewriting the words of her favourite songs, and soon amassed a block of demos. By November 2021, she clocked Fraser T Smith, long-time collaborator and producer to Kano, Stormzy, Dave and Ghetts, at a gig, introduced herself, and asked whether he had any advice for the music industry. Fraser liked what he heard and arranged a meeting with Emmeline and his manager the following day.

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