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Date / Time
4:00pm Saturday
8:15pm Saturday

Eaves Wilder began songwriting around the age of eight, harnessing an early obsession with ‘60s Motown records and the left-field pop of Lily Allen. Wilder’s inspirations are endless, but it was the riot grrl movement that first blew the doors open for her, proving what was possible if she could just write with honesty and power, letting her supposed imperfections shine. “Hookey,” Wilder’s forthcoming debut EP, details her story so far. Hidden behind dreamy shoegaze guitars and delivered in Wilder’s sweet voice, her lyrics are honest, direct, and deceptively cutting.

Often finding herself isolated in her room growing up, Wilder found solace in a Kathleen Hanna quote about uniting the girls making music alone in their bedrooms, and wrote “Connect The Rooms” around it. “I think that resonated with me so much because of my childhood. I’ve spent so much time alone in my room, making secret songs that I wouldn’t show to people, in a secret voice I was too embarrassed to show.”

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