dog unit

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
10:00pm Thursday

Seeing Dog Unit live is not just about watching a band play a parade of individually wound super-melodic instrumental rock songs one after another. Instead, the London four-piece aim for world creation on a grander scale, creating a continuous ribbon of music on stage that’s precision-engineered for a single sitting, complete with resting pauses, signposts and tiny diversions in just the right places along the way. It makes for a truly unorthodox live show, in which a boiler-suited band, seated in horseshoe formation, play straight through in a gloriously intense unbroken performance style that’s been the band’s MO since their inception in 2019. In 2024, Dog Unit released their debut album, ‘At Home’, on Brace Yourself Records, to a flurry of breathless reviews both in the UK and Europe, including 4 stars in The Times and MOJO, and 9/10 in Loud And Quiet. The album follows two EPs, 2020’s self-released ‘Barking To Gospel’ and 2022’s ‘Turn Right And Right Again’, also on Brace Yourself.

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