(United Kingdom)

Growing up on the outskirts of Manchester, Daniella feels that he city’s strong indie rock legacy has had an “inevitable” impact. On her. Equally significant was the music of her Congolese heritage -with its upbeat rhythms, driving bass and intricate electric guitar riffs a constant presence in her childhood. It’s in this intersection between the genres where Daniella grounds her sonic identity. At age 13, armed with a cheap mic and free software from the internet, Daniella. Wrote and produced her first song. With her formative teenage years navigated during a global pandemic, it’s little wonder that Daniella sets classic coming – of – age concerns to the backdrop of wider social issues and commentary, having described her ethos as DellaXOZ “to capture the fleeting emotions and multi – dimensionality of the teenage experience.” For DellaXOZ, this naturally extends to world issues – and she rejects the narrative of apathy and distraction misassigned to her generation.

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