Crystal Murray

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
6:45pm Friday

Crystal Murray will meet you on the battlefield – her proclamation, “PAYBACK”. It’s a
ferocious revenge song, the first in her weaponry for a heart broken, time wasted on
undeserving people, the boxes she’s busted out of. Vitally, it’s the revelatory introduction to
her debut album, Sad Lovers And Giants.
2020’s EP I Was Wrong tipped the French-American musician as a mercurial star, expanding
the boundaries of neo-soul with taut, yet tapestry-like lyricism and intoxicating soundscapes
– and one she started writing at only 15. Her 2021 COLORS Studio performance of “BOSS”
enchanted audiences, her hypnotic cool and honeyed voice centre stage, as a shimmering
love letter to sisterhood. This led into her frenetic second EP, 2022’s Twisted Bases, where
Crystal explores her themes deftly – messy relationships, her vulnerabilities, various
personas tried on and divested in youth. There is a clear evolution: lyrical maturation,
creative curiosity, and a rebellious sonic palette.

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