clementine march

(United Kingdom__France)


Date / Time
2:15pm Thursday

French-British songwriter Clémentine March has been very active in the London scene since she moved to the U.K. in 2016, playing bass for bands the likes of Snapped Ankles, Dana Gavanski, Alabaster dePlume, BAS JAN, Blue House, Rozi Plain, Naima Bock or Haha Sounds Collective. Centered around Total Refreshment Centre and its vibrant and diverse community, Clémentine started releasing her own music late 2019 with her first album ‘Le Continent’ a paean to her life spent in France, followed early 2021 by Songs Of Resilience, a stripped-down acoustic guitar ballad album, written in 2 weeks during the pandemic. Both albums were released by Scottish label Lost Map Records, and in parallel, Clémentine has been touring extensively since her first tour early 2018 in the UK and the European continent, by travelling with American band Big Thief, and playing countless cities and festivals since then. In November 2020, she also curated Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone for BBC6 Music.

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