(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
7:30pm Friday

‘Uninhibited alt-pop that steals the show” – LINE OF BEST FIT

“…. one we are really excited about here on the show, expansive in her taste… Circe has always been powerful at creating atmosphere and energy in her music and doing it differently from everyone else… Circe is insanely talented” – RADIO 1 Jack Saunders

Apocalyptic song-writer and producer, Circe takes from a myriad of contrasting genres to create a cinematic, avant-guard zeitgeist. Clever lyricism, she weaves the feminist pros of Margaret Atwood and dark erotica of Anais Nin, and ties it up in a big pop chorus bow. The multi-instrumentalist produces sweeping sound tracks worthy of her alt-hollywood influences: Twin Peaks, Romeo and Juliet.

“Circe doesn’t do things by halves” – FADER

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