Asha Jefferies



Date / Time
1:10pm Thursday
7:30pm Friday

Originally hailing from the Northern Rivers but raised in Brisbane, Asha Jefferies is best known her sombre, melancholic pop songs.
Her previous EP ‘The Pinnacle’ was a coming of age for the artist and songwriter; a culmination of soft glowing idiosyncratic sounds and classic folk arrangements, featuring single ‘Crybaby’ which was added to rotation across triple J, double J and triple J Unearthed. Her next single ‘Tank Tops’ was also added to full rotation on triple j and became one of 2022’s most celebrated local tracks and a queer anthem, with the song exploring self-discovery, finding new love and having everyone wishing they could be “talking to George”.
Her new single ‘Cruise Control’ was produced and mixed by Sam Cromack of Ball Park Music in his cosy studio Prawn Records in the inner north of Brisbane. The song was written in a time of tremendous change, discovery and exploration. Asha says of the song – “To be in cruise control, is to ride steady and smoothly through the storms

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