Volunteer registration for The Great Escape 2018 will open mid March 2018

Each year we offer up to 300 volunteers the chance to gain first-hand experience of life working in the music industry with a variety of roles over the course of The Great Escape. These roles are available in many different areas including Venue Management, Technical Production, Convention Support, Festival Production, Delegate Registration, Artist Registration, Wristband Exchange and many more.

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If you have any queries about volunteering at TGE, you can email and one of our team will get back to you.

Our amazing volunteers are the reason The Great Escape is such a successful festival for new music.

“It was an incredible time with moments that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life! Thanks to the team, it’s these people that really make the experience what it is!” Amy, Volunteer Crew

“I love being part of the TGE volunteer team. For a few days, Brighton is buzzing with music fans and it’s great to feel like you’re part of making their weekend memorable. Also, you always end up meeting such a fab variety of people volunteering, all united by a love of new music.” Martha, Artist Registration Volunteer

“When I applied to volunteer at The Great Escape, I was hoping to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a music festival, but I ended up getting so much more out of it. It was the people I met who truly made the festival an unforgettable experience; I feel I have grown personally as well as professionally. I came home more inspired than ever to follow my dreams and for that I can’t thank you enough.” Mia, Wristband Exchange

“Thanks for having me as a volunteer, I honestly had the best time ever and I can already see the experience changing my life. Every time I do something like this I realise more and more it’s what I want to do with my life and I’ve returned to London with a big smile on my face.” Anna, Venue Rep Assistant


Artist Registration
Volunteers on this team will see how the onsite registration of performing artists is done. This team liaises with and greets tour managers on site, checks names against online registrations, prints and distributes artist credentials and any relevant materials.

You will be shadowing the team in charge of the Convention programme. This team liaises directly with the venue staff, the technical crew & the Convention Production Manager, prepares and oversees the venues hosting the Convention programme. The array of tasks include putting up branding and signage, moving small items of equipment around the various sites (e.g. microphones, banners, chairs etc), setting up and helping run conference panels/parties/networking events, meeting and greeting panellists, welcoming and assisting convention attendees.

Delegate Registration
You will shadow the Delegate registration team who are in charge of greeting delegates, checking names against online registrations, the printing and distribution of delegate passes and handing out the goodie bags. Good communication skills and presentation are essential.

Event Support Crew
You will learn about the delivery of several aspects of the festival, this may be shadowing Event control, the production and volunteer teams.

*Event Reception: you will learn about the role of the Production coordinator who deals with a variety of key admin tasks, manages the guest lists, provides support to venue team when required.

*Event Control: you will learn about the internal communications across the festival, how to operate a radio and log conversations, how reporting lines work and are key to a smooth operation. You will learn about the internal communications across the festival, how to operate a radio and log conversations, how reporting lines work and are key to a smooth operation. This role is located in the main Control office which manages all radio and site communications for the event. It is a very fast paced environment with a great deal of information coming in at all times. It is a highly secure area restricted to senior management for the most part. You will shadow a controller who will be managing the radio systems, listening to radio communications and logging information (knowledge of Excel is required) and logging data for venue capacities.

*Special events: you will learn how temporary events come to life with the Special events team who oversee the street gigs and secret city events. Their role is to set up events that run for a limited time, manage the crowd flows within the given area and follow a tight schedule.

*Volunteer Registration: you will learn how volunteers are managed including the on-boarding process, the briefings, daily checking-in/out, how information is sharing with all volunteers across the festival.

Venue Rep Assistant
Venue Rep Assistants will be assigned a venue for the duration of the festival and will shadow the Venue Rep based at that location. You will learn about the general running of the live shows backstage and front of house, the interaction with the artists, venue staff and festival-goers, including the management of guest lists. This role provides great experience if you want to work in the live music industry as a promoter, stage manager or event manager.

Venue Tech Assistant
Volunteers for our Technical Crew must have some sound engineering or music production knowledge, an understanding of how a live performance works and generally either have some gig experience or relevant training. You will learn more about backline, live audio and lighting. The volunteers will shadow a venue technician or FOH engineer who set up for each band, run the stage and control the show. Volunteers are generally assigned to a specific venue throughout the festival.

Wristband Exchange
Volunteers will be shadowing the Wristband Exchange team. You will see how the Wristband exchange operations and learn about delivering excellent customer service, answering questions about the festival and ticketing.