Artist Registration for The Great Escape 2017 is now officially open in partnership with Music Glue. If you are interested in submitting your act for consideration, all you have to do is apply to play for free via Music Glue. All submissions will be reviewed by our bookings team and those artists chosen to perform will be contacted directly over the coming months.

Artist registration will close 17th February 2017.

To start, simply enter your email address here


Once your email address has been submitted you will receive an email inviting you to create your Music Glue profile. Your application for The Great Escape will be finalised once your basic Music Glue profile has been completed

So we can review your act properly, please ensure you complete the following parts of your profile
* Add an artist biography and picture
* Add your social page links
* Add at least one track that can be streamed via the profile
* Brand your page

Setting up a Music Glue profile is easy. Videos explaining each feature can be found in the Apps section on Music Glues site. However, if you need any help please email The Music Glue team will endeavour to answer any queries as quickly as possible, however during busy periods it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response.

If you already have a Music Glue profile, you can submit your application to perform at The Great Escape 2017 by adding your email address in the box above and clicking the link sent to you via email.

There’s no obligation to use Music Glue once you have set up the basics, but the more you put into developing your profile the more you will get out of it and we encourage you to spend time using Music Glue to engage with your fans.

Music Glue’s free websites are used by artists, labels, venues and merchandisers worldwide to sell music, merchandise, tickets and experiences to fans. Their cutting edge technology and services allow artists to create and host their own fully customisable website with the potential to incorporate various functions that suit each artist’s needs, including digital streaming, digital downloads, integration of social channels and sales of music, merchandise, tickets and experiences – throughout the world, in any currency, any language and via any device. Best of all, it’s free to set up.

For more information on Music Glue and the benefits it offers to artists CLICK HERE and watch the video below.