The Great Escape Online 2021

Join us this May 13th-14th for The Great Escape Online, 2 days of new music discovery, discussions, debates and networking.

Free for all to enjoy will be our virtual festival channel, where you can experience a huge snapshot of the best new artists showcasing their talents. To receive info on how to register for free access to the festival channels sign up to our mailing list here.

Delegates can now book their place for The Great Escape Conference 2021 which will bring together music industry leaders, innovators and pioneers from across the globe to discuss, dissect and debate the biggest issues affecting the music business today. Access to The Great Escape Conference is via a TGE Online delegate ticket which are on sale here

Delegates will have access to an online programme of expert briefings, networking sessions, keynote interviews, panel discussions and educational workshops, helping them to meet, question, connect with and learn from people working in every strand of the music industry from markets all over the world.

At the core of the conference will be CMU+TGE programme, curated and hosted by the music business experts at CMU. This year’s CMU+TGE programme will be split into three main strands…

Future Music Talent will look at how music educators and the music industry can better support entrepreneurial early-career music-makers, how COVID has impacted on the fanbase building process for DIY phase artists, and why it’s more important than ever to educate the creative community about copyright and data.

Future Music Strategies will consider the latest trends in streaming, fanbase building and the direct-to-fan relationship, and investigate what the touring and festival markets will look like in the post-COVID, post-Brexit world. What technologies, data, influencers, partnerships and strategies will be essential for success in the years ahead?

Future Music World will investigate and celebrate initiatives that are making the music world more diverse, more sustainable and more healthy, and consider the role music-makers and the music industry can play in tackling prejudice in society, addressing the climate emergency, and rebuilding communities as we recover from the pandemic.

You can find more information on each of the above strands plus info on our partner panels here.

Alongside the CMU+TGE programme, there will also be a series of keynote interviews with leading industry professionals, educational workshops for those at the start of their music careers, a programme of panels presented by our industry partners, and a range of online networking events and services.

More information about The Great Escape Online 2021 will be released very soon. Join our mailing list to receive our news directly to your inbox.