Innovation in the face of crisis – how SyncVault is helping artists find new audiences

It’s no secret that the past year has brought a number of challenges to the music industry. From the uncertainty of Brexit to the global pandemic, a changing landscape has evolved and with it comes a driving force of innovation and out of the box approaches to music marketing.

The gap between artists, fans and creators is narrowing as collaboration becomes key to success and new digital tools provide opportunities to embrace innovation.

One of these tools is presented by SyncVault, a music promotion platform that empowers artists to market their music to the YouTube creator community.

As the number one site for music discovery, YouTube influencers are the perfect champions for new music and enable artists to gain exposure in new territories. SyncVault is creating a collaborative community of YouTube creators and artists, bridging the gap between the two parties to create stronger partnerships. It’s just one of the innovative tools that has been borne out of a time of crisis and forms part of the discussion of the Innovation in the Face of Crisis Panel.

Moderated by Dialogue Management’s Max Savard and joined by SyncVault’s Kali Bradford, Killing Moon’s Achal Dhillon, CD Baby’s Sandra Croft and Fabyl’s Nick Faber, the panellists will be sharing their experiences of exploring new avenues for fanbase development, strengthening the direct-to-fan relationship and investigating new technologies, partnerships and strategies for music marketing.

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