Jimmys beer: Good Beer, Good Music, Good Times

Brand-Owners Jimmy & George Craig are Professional Musicians & Music Venue owners with a passion to support developing Artists, Bands, and “Grass Root” Music Venues through collaboration with Venues, Emerging Artists, Gig Promoters and the Music Industry.
The Great Escape Festival forms a vital part of the foundation of the UK music industry and is critical to the development of young and emerging talent. The Craig Brothers themselves were “discovered” by Universal Music in a small venue which launched them onto a World-Wide stage, including early-days gigs at TGE venues with their band “One Night Only”, so they know how important such venues are as a starting point to a successful career.
Jimmy’s Partnership with TGE is therefore the perfect Launchpad for their superb range of Craft Beers & Cider and the only way to introduce Jimmy’s Emerging Talent Initiative – Promoting Independent Music Venues and developing Artists & Bands by actively increasing numbers into Live Gigs through rolling FREE Guest-List prizes.
Check Out the website – Jimmys.Beer – and get involved with the fascinating story of the UK’s Premium Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer Brand.

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