Discover JoyCut

If you believed that the era of surrealism was over, then you clearly haven’t heard Bologna-based trio JoyCut. With less than a month until their TGE performance, we caught up with the Salvador Dali’s of electronica to discuss their inspirations, their views on the environment and new music.

Having toured with world-renowned acts such as Arcade Fire and Art Brut, the band has introduced an intercontinental audience to their unique dark wave genre. This effervescent collective are a perfect fit for fans of TGE alumni Jane Weaver and Goat Girl. JoyCut describe their music as “orchestral breathings, cinematic saturations, tribal drumming and industrial percussion” all moulded together into sculpture of electronic sound.

Although the band take some of their inspiration from traditional sources such as The Cure and Italian singer-songwriters, JoyCut acknowledge personal influences in their music including their childhoods, day-to-day realities and even their own football heros. This is evident from their critically acclaimed 2nd album PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround that received global recognition for its “trademark sound”.

In a bid to demonstrate their creative genius, JoyCut joined forces with American artist J.J.Melon to shoot the video for the popular track ‘Wireless’ from PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround. Using the innovative representation of two nations, the video is “a story of two polarities. New York and Rorschah represent a couple”. “New York is the city par excellence, the place that everyone knows even without ever having being there, Rorschach symbolizes the part of each of us that needs to be tested to interpret people and our contemporary ambiguity”. This avant-garde showmanship can also be witnessed at the band’s live shows where they project visual installations on stage to break the barriers of language and cultural polygamy.

JoyCut’s mission is not limited to music alone. The trio’s thirst for sustainability and a healthier planet is reflected in their music. The writing behind many of their tracks begins with visions of landscapes loved by the band and impact of pollution. “We have to respect the place as we are guests and at the same time we have to defend it”. Through music, JoyCut strive to encourage others to make “small but significant changes to make the world a better place” and put an end to this “unstoppable and irreversible process”.

Following their recent return from La Biennale Di Venezia, where the band debuted their unpublished, Japan-inspired Opera K O M O R E B I, JoyCut have teased fans with the notion of new music. But, it has now been confirmed that after not releasing an album since 2013, the group are returning to the spotlight to bring us a fresh new album in 2019, but we have to wait for the title of the album until early 2019…

In the meantime, JoyCut intend on keeping us entertained by bringing us a taste of the new album at their performances at The Great Escape and at the 25th Meltdown Festival curated by lead singer of The Cure himself, Robert Smith.

Catch the likes of JoyCut and many more at TGE this month.