Discover Hunter & The Bear

Following their self-released debut album reaching #7 in the iTunes rock charts and preparation for their sold-out tour, The Great Escape caught up with Hunter and The Bear ahead of the release of their highly anticipated new single ‘Skin Tight’.
For those who satiate themselves with the music of Great Escape regulars The Sherlocks, The Amazons and Spring King, we bring you the raw and infectious sound of Hunter and The Bear. The rock outfit who describe themselves as “a thunderous, ballsy and anthemic attack on all the senses” have spent the past year invading festival fields, supporting rock veterans, and spoiling us with unapologetic anthemic arias.

Hunter and The Bear are influenced by contemporary rock missionaries such as Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood, but the band take most of their inspiration from their own personal “encounters, struggles and victories” which is evident from their current album ‘Paper Heart’. Describing their songs as “little slices of our day to day encounters”, the album offers an insight into the personal lives of the band members, sewn together in a collection of songs ranging from ballad-esque tunes to anarchic hits. However, the craftmanship of this album was not only isolated to its composition. Made up of 10 songs, ‘Paper Heart’ was released to fans in segments – one song every month with an accompanying music video. “We figured that people listen to music in such a different way to our parent’s day when everyone would sit around a record player and smash an album front to back. We felt like each track was strong enough to stand up on its own so wanted to give them each their own chance to shine.”

Aside from their album release, these kinetic performers have toured alongside world renowned legends such as Van Morrison, Simple Minds and Eric Clapton. Often described as a classic style rock band with modern production values, these guys have demonstrated how their music is utterly timeless by even impressing 72-year-old guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton whilst on tour with him. “Clapton in particular was really supportive of our music and watched a bit of the set every night from the side of the stage. It’s pretty daunting looking over and seeing big Eric tapping his foot along to your songs!”

Hunter and The Bear have had an indisputably epic year, so we asked them what more they could possibly give us in 2018. Continuing their momentum, the band hope to continue writing in 2018 and “have exciting touring and festival plans already in the pipeline”. So far, they have only revealed to us their plans to tackle a massive headline show at The Garage in London on March 2nd, but keep a watchful eye out for this band on an array of festivals bills next summer.

Look out for the release of ‘Skin Tight’ on the 24th November and don’t forget to watch Hunter and The Bear at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on the 21st November for the First Fifty and at The Great Escape Festival 2018.

Words By Elizabeth Pike