Discover Himalayas: Exclusive interview

With The Great Escape FIRST FIFTY fast approaching, we tracked down Himalayas to talk about everything from their upcoming performance to pink suits!

For a while now, the industry has had a dry spell of fresh blood indie rock bands that truly strike a nerve, but our prayers have been answered in the form of this Cardiff collective. Following their debut in 2015, Mike, Joe, Louis and James fortified a name for themselves with a reputation for anthemic guitar riffs and unforgettable live gigs in the South Wales music scene, but it was quickly apparent that this band was destined for more. “South Wales is a really hard scene to break out of. We’ve always been motivated by that – to be one of a few bands to break out of the scene and play shows all over the UK. In just over 2 days, we’ve played countless shows around the UK and even made our first trip to America and Europe this year.”

With a sound they describe as “Dynamic” and “Layered”, the band retains a wide spectrum of influences including Manic Street Preachers, Queens of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and One Direction. However, the guys have indisputably developed their own brand that has received commercial and radio powerhouse recognition from DJs such as Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Radio X’s John Kennedy.

Although Himalayas have defined their musical character, their songs offer a variety of entertainment ranging from liberating political arias to punchy tunes. In the single ‘If I Tell You’, the foursome address the flaws of capitalism, but this is only a taste of what they have to offer. “We do often make political statements in our lyrics as we feel that these issues are very important. It can often be difficult to express a political opinion in our society that will actually be listened to… so we use our music as a platform to express ours and hopefully reach people who feel the same.” On the flipside, their music feeds our rock cravings with tracks like ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ and ‘Sigh On A Hurricane’ which hold stunning lyrics and guitar melodies that effortlessly flirt with audiences. “We plan to stand out by deviating from traditional indie styles and opening our music to as many influences as possible. Last week our drummer wore a pink suit on stage!”

In 2019, there is likely to be a shiny new album on its way, with a new single due early 2019. But, until then, we can look forward to their FIRST FIFTY performance at The Old Blue Last on 27th November that promises “bombast, class and pink suits!”

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Words by Elizabeth Pike