Discover Aine Cahill

From the depths of County Cavan to the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury, The Great Escape caught up with Irish starlet Áine Cahill between stops on her UK tour.

The artist who professes to write “opinionated pop music” has evidently been influenced by the alluring effervescence of 1950s Jazz. Describing the origins of her interests, Aine tells us that her love for singing along to the music from Marilyn Monroe films sparked her initial interest in the genre, but her influences have now evolved to include Lana Del Ray, Lady Gaga and Marina and The Diamonds.

Áine’s signature style of writing allows us to not only indulge ourselves in pop-jazz hybrid tunes, but to uncover both tale and tragedy. She has previously presented both moving internal monologues and historical tales, but none more poignant than ‘Black Dahlia’. Despite being based on the gruesome, unsolved murder of a budding young actress in the 1940s, ‘Black Dahlia’ was the single that tipped the Irish belle for future stardom.

Her newest single provides an element of disarming frankness about the world at present. It aims to give insight into destructive materialism – showing us in Áine’s words “how there are people in this world with that mentality that they are better than everyone else and value material things more than human beings”. She also tells us that one line in the song embodies the song’s narrative Greed is a sin and I’m a sinner. Giving is for losers, taking is for winners. Not only does the track deliver emotive admonishment and a powerful vocal from Áine, it also features the production wizardry of fellow rising star Courage who has received his own surge of success producing success with the likes of Great Escape Royalty – Ray Blk. Working together, this duo has created an acidic yet bittersweet pop anthem not to be missed.

Perhaps most well known for her 2016 Glastonbury appearance, Áine made such an impression at the festival that the BBC asked her to perform as a part of their festival TV coverage. “It was crazy! I was 21 and I didn’t know what to expect. When BBC asked me to perform on their TV coverage I was completely shook, it was so surreal and I think at the time went completely over my head.”

The 23-year-old songstress returned to Glastonbury Festival again in 2017 on top of playing a host of acclaimed festivals and sold-out shows ranging from a sold-out St Pancras Church show to her entire sold-out Irish Tour. Currently supporting ‘September Song’ star JP Cooper on his UK tour, Aine says that she has enjoyed travelling the lengths of the country, playing at venues she has never performed at before. Describing JP Cooper as an “unreal”, “talented” and “lovely person”, Áine has explained that touring alongside the chart-topping musician has been a pleasure and a thrill for her.

As 2017 appears to keep getting better and better for Áine, we asked what she has in store for us for 2018. With major label discussions taking place, Áine is set on continuing to write more crowd-pleasing music, with the hopes of an album on the horizon and a fresh new tour coming our way.

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Words by Elizabeth Pike