CMU Insights presents a full-day conference at The Great Escape exploring the new technologies most likely to impact on the music industry in the decade ahead. With a focus on AI, we’ll consider audio-ID technologies, automated messaging, innovative uses of fan data and software that composes music.

The AI Conference takes place at Dukes at Komedia on 17 May.
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The AI Conference will showcase some of the most exciting new technologies – with the focus on those that employ big data and machine learning – and consider what impact that tech is likely to have in the decade ahead, and what challenges and opportunities will be created along the way.

We will look at the latest developments in audio-recognition technology, and how that changes the way music is selected and shared, and how it is being employed to better monitor music usage online – and in the real world too – to ensure the right artists and songwriters get paid.

We will also see how new technologies are changing music marketing, allowing artists and their business partners to follow fans into the digital spaces where they prefer to hang out, and in particular the messaging apps that are now a key forum for fan conversations.

And we will investigate the creative technologies that make music. How can artists, songwriters and record producers use these new tools to take the art of music making in totally new directions? And will machines that can compose music, write lyrics and direct videos on the fly ultimately compete with music creators?

Come hear from key innovators in music and technology, and meet a number of exciting start-up businesses who are leading the next chapter in the story of music tech.


Adam Brooks Head Of Communication, Ents 24
Alex Thomson Director, Green House Group
Andrew Parsons MD, Ticketmaster UK
Chagall artist
Chris Cooke MD, CMU Insights
Cliff Fluet Partner, Lewis Silkin
Conrad Withey CEO, Instrumental
Dan Fowler Strategy & Operations, JAAK
Diarmuid Moloney Founder & CEO, Rotor
Ed Newton-Rex Founder & CEO, Jukedeck
Gideon Mountford Global Head Of Video, Believe
Gregor Pryor Co-Chair of Global Entertainment And Media Industry Group, Reed Smith
Helienne Lindvall Head Of Business And Songwriter Relations, Auddly
Imogen Heap Founder, Mycelia
Jesper Skibsby Founder & CEO, WARM
Joe Lyske Co-founder & CEO, MXX Music
John Kilpatrick Head Of Product, Instrumental
Maggie Boden Research Professor Of Cognitive Science, Sussex University
Manan Vohra Head Of Product, 7digital
Marcus O’Dair Associate Professor In Music & Innovation, Middlesex University
Mark Wood Chief Architect, Ents24
Neil Pollard Founder, Ents24
Olivia Hobbs Director/Founder, Blackstar London
Rebecca Lammers CEO & Co-Founder, Laika Network
Russell Chant Head of Distribution, PPL
Tim Arber Interim Director Of Membership, PRS For Music
Sam Taylor Chief Commercial Officer, POP
Sammy Andrews Founder & CEO, Deviate
Scott Cohen VP International, The Orchard
Sophie Goossens Counsel, Reed Smith
Stef Pascual Head Of Digital, Crown Talent


10.00-10.30 WHAT IS AI?
What do we even mean by ‘artificial intelligence’? Chris Cooke from CMU Insights sets some parameters with Maggie Boden from Sussex University and Marcus O’Dair from Middlesex University.

The history of the music industry is basically a story about how a sequence of new technologies respectively transformed the way music is made, performed, recorded, distributed and consumed.

Which technology will kick-start the next revolution? We talk AI, AR, VR, blockchain and beyond and ask which of these technologies will really make an impact on the music business in the next decade.

with Andrew Parsons, Ticketmaster UK; Dan Fowler, JAAK; Imogen Heap, Mycelia; Manan Vohra, 7digital; Sammy Andrews, Deviate; and Stef Pascual, Crown Talent.

The first AI technology in the spotlight is audio-recognition. How do machines recognise audio and how is that technology being exploited in digital, in public performance, and in broadcast?

Sophie Goossens from Reed Smith discusses how the European copyright directive might increase the monitoring obligations of user-upload websites, while Gideon Mountford from Believe and Rebecca Lammers from Laika Network discuss the audio-recognition capabilities of YouTube and Facebook.

Then Russell Chant from PPL and Tim Arber from PRS For Music discuss their pilot project with DJ Monitor employing audio-recognition tech in clubs, and Jesper Skibsby from WARM showcases his platform monitoring the world’s radio stations.

The fan conversation is moving from social networks to the messaging apps. How can technology help artists, labels and promoters engage with fans in this way?

Sam Taylor from POP discusses this new approach with Alex Thomson from Green House Group and Olivia Hobbs from Blackstar London.

The music industry is sitting on more fan data than ever before – how can technology help you use all that data to full effect? We talk to Ents24 about their Event Affinity Engine and Instrumental about their TalentAI.

What about the AI that makes and edits music? Or even automatically creates music videos? How does this work? How is it being used? We meet the founders of three pioneering creative AI technologies – Jukedeck, MXX Music and Rotor – and find out what their respective platforms do.

With machines creating music and video, who owns the copyright in that content? These AI technologies are posing new questions in the world of intellectual property – questions we will ask Gregor Pryor of Reed Smith.

And finally, with music composition tools becoming ever more sophisticated, will those machines write the hits of the future? And if so, where do the humans fit in? Are these AI tools helping artists and songwriters expand their music making, or could they ultimately replace human music makers?

Come join the debate!

with artist Chagall; Cliff Fluet, Lewis Silkin; Helienne Lindvall, Auddly; and Scott Cohen, The Orchard.


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