A full-day conference within the TGE Conference putting the spotlight on how music marketing is evolving with the ongoing shift to streams.

This CMU+TGE programme is sponsored by BPI

We last put the spotlight on music marketing in 2015 and boy has a lot changed since then. With the shift to streaming, the key influencers have changed, the key messages have changed, and the campaigns are getting longer as sustained listening becomes the aim. Over in live, promoters are employing ever more tools and tactics to get those tickets sold. Meanwhile, from an artist’s perspective, it would be really good if marketers on the recorded and live side could be more closely aligned. We look at the changes, at best practice, at great case studies, and then debate where music marketing is headed next.

CMU+TGE: Music Marketing takes place on Friday 10 May.

Topics set to be covered at CMU+TGE: Music Marketing

• What are the key music marketing tools in 2019?
• Which social media matter and how should you use them?
• Where do traditional music media fit in?
• What should you be doing with your social, streaming and ticketing data?
• So, how do I get my track on that Spotify playlist?
• Will machines curate all the streaming service playlists in the future?
• How can you make all that marketing content on a really right budget?
• As marketing campaigns get longer how do you manage your team?
• How can we get all of an artist’s business partners speaking as one?


Adam Brooks Head Of Communication, Ents24
Alex Thomson Director, Greenhouse Group
Alice Beal General Manager Music, Insanity Group
Andy Knox Head Of Commercial, Virgin EMI
Andy Varley Founder & CEO, Insanity Group
Cassandra Gracey President, 4th Floor Creative / Sony Music
Chris Cooke Founder & Managing Director, CMU Insights
Debbie Ball Founder, Create Spark
Jackie Wilgar SVP Marketing International, Live Nation
Jessie Scoullar Founder & Director, Wicksteed Works
Marcel Hunziker Founder, Playliveartist
Malena Wolfer Head Of Artist Services UK, Believe
Olivia Hobbs Founder & Director, Blackstar London
Sam Taylor Consultant, CMU
Tim Fraser-Harding President Global Catalogue, Warner Music
Timothy Armoo CEO, Fanbytes
Tom Burris Digital Manager, ie:music
With many more to be announced!


CMU Insights will present Rethinking Music Marketing, a new report looking at how music marketing campaigns have evolved in the streaming age, and the challenges that poses for labels, artists and their other business partners.


01: The music marketing toolkit
What are the key tools in the modern music marketing toolkit? We run through each set of tools in turn and check in with the experts on social media, press, radio, advertising and influencer marketing.

02: The power of playlists
Playlist pitching is now a key part of any music marketing campaign. But how does it work today and what will curation on the streaming services look like in five years time? Experts provide practical tips for playlist pitching in 2019 and look to the future of how music will be curated on – and therefore promoted to – the digital platforms of the future.

03: Why content is crucial
A successful music marketing campaign needs a steady stream of compelling content. But what content? How can you make it when you are on the tightest of budgets? And what skills are needed within your marketing team to truly deliver on the content side of marketing?

04: What to do with all that data
The music industry is swimming in data which we all know we should be using to inform our marketing activity. Social data. Streaming data. Ticketing data. But which data really matters? How do you access it? And how do you ensure that you are even allowed to use it in the age of GDPR? The data experts line up with tips galore.

05: Rethinking music marketing
Music marketing has evolved a lot in recent years, with new tools, new messages and new influencers, and the need to keep talking about new releases for longer. CMU Insights presents a new report based on interviews with key music marketers working in labels and agencies, reviewing the changes and identifying the challenges.

06: Frontline campaigns
Given how music marketing has changed in recent years, what does this mean for the way new releases are now marketed? How are those campaigns structured and managed by the label and the artist’s other business partners? What skills and assets do you need? And how do you measure success in an age when sustained listening over time brings in the money?

07: Catalogue campaigns
What impact has the shift to streaming had on the way labels market their catalogue? What does catalogue marketing involve in 2019? And what impact does this have on the way labels structure and manage their catalogue divisions? The experts discuss.

08: Getting the most from the artist’s marketing team
When artists are in marketing mode a whole team of business partners step forward to help build a buzz, drive streams, sell tickets and grow the fanbase. Management, label, agent, promoter, a plethora of marketing agencies and the artists themselves all have a key role to play. How do you make sure this team works in sync so that all aspects of an artist’s marketing activity are coordinated and building on each other? Experts from across the wider music industry discuss and celebrate best practice.

The TGE Conference runs from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 May 2019 and is open to all TGE delegates. Get your TGE delegate pass here.

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