A full-day conference within the TGE Conference putting the spotlight on the streaming market and how artists and songwriters get paid.

Streaming accounted for 38% of the global recorded music market in 2017. It’s the biggest revenue stream. It’s the fastest growing revenue stream. And yet issues remain with the business model, with the way monies are shared, and with the way everyone gets paid. Meanwhile, as the market matures, everyone in the recorded music supply chain is being forced to answer the tricky question: “why are you even here”? Tapping into acclaimed research by CMU Insights, we will help delegates truly understand the streaming business, kick-starting a number of lively debates about the state and future of the market, and quite where those digital dollars end up.

CMU+TGE: Digital Dollars takes place on Thursday 9 May.

Topics set to be covered at CMU+TGE: Digital Dollars

• Who are the winners and losers as the streaming market matures?
• How does the music and money flow – from artist to service and back again?
• What is user-centric royalty distribution and should we have it?
• Beyond the blockchain – has anyone sorted out the music data mess yet?
• The European Copyright Directive – will it really change anything?
• The US Music Modernization Act – will it really change anything?
• How will the streaming services ever make a profit?
• Why’s it all so complicated anyway?


Alex Branson Business Development, EMPIRE
Annabella Coldrick CEO, Music Managers Forum
Becky Brook Commercial Lead, JAAK
Chris Cooke Founder & Managing Director, CMU Insights
Chris Meehan Founder & CEO, Sentric Music
Crispin Hunt Chair, BASCA
Dorothee Imhoff UK Managing Director, FUGA
Helen Alexander CFO, Merlin
Lucie Caswell CEO, Featured Artists Coalition
Lucilla Green Managing Director, Do The Rights Thing
Marta De La Hoz Head Of Reporting, Merlin
Molly Neuman Global Head Of Business Development, Songtrust
Peter Mason Solicitor, Russells
Sophie Goossens Counsel, Reed Smith
Tom Frederikse Partner, Clintons
With many more to be announced!


CMU Insights and the Music Managers Forum will launch the Song Royalties Guide – the latest publication from the MMF’s acclaimed Dissecting The Digital Dollar project – explaining the complexities and issues with how songwriters are paid by the streaming platforms.


01: Dissecting the digital dollar
How does the music industry license its content to the streaming services and how are digital royalties calculated and paid on a monthly basis? Based on the acclaimed book Dissecting The Digital Dollar, CMU’s Chris Cooke provides a concise, user-friendly guide to a very complex business.

02: Recordings – Getting played, getting paid
Music distribution has evolved a lot in the last fifteen years and is still in flux. We review the different ways artists and labels get their content onto the digital platforms, and how data and money flows back from the services. The line is blurring between labels, distributors and the platforms, what does this mean for everyone involved in recorded music?

03: Songs – The complexities of the royalty chain
Song licensing in the streaming domain is very complex. And this has a big impact on how songwriters get paid. Between service and writer are a number of entities creating a ‘royalty chain’ along which the money flows. But what happens to the money as it passes down the chain? Does it even reach the writer? Based on MMF’s new Song Royalties Guide we explain how it works and then debate the issues and possible solutions with the experts.

04: Doing the deals – Collective v direct licensing
Should streaming services be licensed via direct deals negotiated by labels and publishers or would the collective licensing system be a more sensible approach? On the songs side, it’s currently a mix of the two. But is that an ideal solution? Experts discuss the pros and cons of licensing separately and together in the streaming domain.

05: Sharing the money – The case for the user-centric model
The streaming services pay ever increasing sums of money into the music industry each month. But is that money shared out in a fair way among the music community? Some people say “no”. Enter the user-centric royalty distribution model. What’s that and how does it work? We explain and debate.

06: Beyond the blockhain – Will we ever fix the data mess?
Bad music rights data stops people getting paid. It’s as simple as that. So how can we fix the data problem to make sure the money flows to the right people? Everyone was talking about music data three years ago. We were told the blockhain was the solution. But what has happened since? We review efforts to fix music data, with or without the blockchain.

07: Copyright developments and the streaming market
Major copyright reforms have been underway in Europe and the US this year via the European Copyright Directive and Music Modernization Act. But what impact will these reforms have on the streaming music business? The experts explain.

08: Where next for the streaming business?
The streaming business is evolving. The streaming companies are evolving. Meanwhile the digital platforms continue – in the main, with some exceptions – to lose money. What will happen in the streaming sector in the next five years and how will that impact on the music industry? And what radical new approaches could be employed to shake it all up? A team of experts look to the future of streaming.

The TGE Conference runs from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 May 2019 and is open to all TGE delegates. Get your TGE delegate pass here.

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