Sitting at the heart of The TGE Conference is the CMU+TGE programme, presented by the team at CMU.

Three full-day conferences within the conference, the CMU+TGE programme presents a full-day of insights, case studies and conversations around three key music business topics. This year education, streaming and marketing.

CMU reports on key developments in music and the music industry every weekday, helping music people navigate and understand everything that’s going on.

CMU Insights provides training to hundreds of music industry professionals every year – explaining the ins and outs of the business of music – while also under-taking ground-breaking research into streaming, royalties, artist deals, digital distribution, festivals, education and marketing.

CMU:DIY works with early career artists and future industry talent helping them to truly understand the business.

The CMU+TGE conferences bring all this knowledge and insight into once place, helping TGE delegates get up to speed, to understand, to dissect, to analyse, to debate and to inform the key trends, developments, opportunities and challenges in the music industry today.


CMU+TGE: Music Education – Building bridges not walls
Wednesday 8 May
Our full-day conference on music education in 2018 started a movement. In 2019 we will regroup with new research and new ideas. How can music educators and the music business more closely align to ensure the future of the industry’s talent pipeline? CLICK HERE for more information.

Confirmed speakers include: Bridget Whyte Music Mark; Chris Cooke CMU Insights; Marie Bessant OCR; Matt Griffiths Youth Music; Max Wheeler Charanga; Pamela McCormick Urban Development; Philip Flood Sound Connections; Phil Nelson Pathways Into Music; Sam Nicholls Music Leeds; Vanessa Wilson-Best Value Added Kids – with many more to be announced!

CMU+TGE: Digital Dollars – Getting paid as well as played
Thursday 9 May
Streaming is now the biggest and fastest growing revenue stream for the record industry, but issues with the business model remain. We will track every dollar generated by the streaming services and explain where it ends up. And then ask: why is it so complicated? CLICK HERE for more information.

Confirmed speakers include: Alex Branson EMPIRE; Annabella Coldrick Music Managers Forum; Becky Brook JAAK; Chris Cooke CMU Insights; Chris Meehan Sentric Music; Crispin Hunt BASCA; Dorothee Imhoff FUGA; Helen Alexander Merlin; Lucie Caswell Featured Artists Coalition; Lucilla Green Do The Rights Thing; Marta De La Hoz Merlin; Molly Neuman Songtrust; Peter Mason Russells; Sophie Goossens Reed Smith; Tom Frederikse Clintons – with many more to be announced!

CMU+TGE: Music Marketing – Making sure people give a shitsponsored by BPI
Friday 10 May
Music marketing is changing fast. The influencers are changing. The messages are changing. Campaigns are getting longer. How do you keep up and cope when budgets remain the same? And how can marketers at labels and in the live sector better collaborate? CLICK HERE for more information.

Confirmed speakers include: Adam Brooks Ents24; Alex Thomson Greenhouse Group; Alice Beal Insanity Group; Andy Knox Virgin EMI; Andy Varley Insanity Group; Cassandra Gracey 4th Floor Creative / Sony Music; Chris Cooke CMU Insights; Debbie Ball Create Spark; Jackie Wilgar Live Nation; Jessie Scoullar Wicksteed Works; Marcel Hunziker Playliveartist; Malena Wolfer Believe; Olivia Hobbs Blackstar London; Sam Taylor CMU Insights; Tim Fraser-Harding Warner Music; Timothy Armoo Fanbytes; Tom Burris ie:music – with many more to be announced!


CMU Insights will launch three pieces of original research as part of the CMU+TGE programme. These include…

The first report from the Redefining Music Education project, which will outline a mapping system to help people navigate and understand music education in the UK, while also applying that approach to Brighton and beyond.

A Song Royalties Guide – the latest publication from the Music Managers Forum’s acclaimed Dissecting The Digital Dollar project – explaining the complexities and issues with how songwriters are paid by the streaming platforms.

Rethinking Music Marketing, a new report looking at how music marketing campaigns have evolved in the streaming age, and the challenges that poses for labels, artists and their other business partners.

The CMU+TGE conferences are truly unique for a number of reasons.

1. Because CMU reports on the music industry every day, our conferences are more timely, more incisive and more forward looking.

2. Because CMU Insights is a leading provider of music business training, our conferences include a number of more formal training elements, helping delegates to navigate and understand the complexities behind current developments and trends.

3. Because we present a whole day of content around each topic, we can dig much deeper than any other music conference into the issues and challenges the business faces today.

4. Because we prioritise talks and interviews in our programme, the industry experts on stage can present their insights and case studies in a more detailed and digestible way.

5. Because the CMU+TGE conferences are truly editorially driven, we are able to identify the key challenges and opportunities and find the people best equipped to discuss them.

The TGE Conference runs from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 May 2019 and is open to all TGE delegates. Get your TGE delegate pass here.

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