MUSIC+EDUCATION: The Artist Circle – Part One

Music-makers who seek to build a career around their music-making – whether as a frontline artist or portfolio musician – need to kickstart that process themselves during what we call the DIY Phase.

Except it’s not really ‘do it yourself’. DIY artists need to find and work with creative collaborators to progress down their pathway into music – building the momentum that will ultimately get the traditional music industry involved.

In the latest round of Pathways Into Music research, we’ve developed an Artist Circle, that illustrates the process music-makers go through as they build a career around their music-making – creating music, building a fanbase, releasing music, and accessing funding and revenue.

We’ll be joined by music industry experts who together will be create a ten tip guide for each phase of the Artist Circle – what are the ten pieces of advice or information music educators and talent development organisations should be passing on to the early-career music-makers they are supporting – and what resources are available – around the UK and online – to help with that process?

We begin by identifying the top tips for creating music with…

Adam Joolia – CEO, AudioActive
Charlotte Caleb – Artist Manager, cSquaredLDN
Liam Craig – Music Industry Educator, North West Regional College

And then put together the top tips for building a fanbase with…

Chris Chadwick – Artist & Producer Manager, Famous Friends
Erika Thomas – Managing Director (US), WMA
Fiona McAuley – Head Of Audience, Atlantic Records UK

Phil Nelson and Jessie Scoullar lead the conversations.

MUSIC+EDUCATION is curated by CMU and the Pathways Into Music Foundation