MUSIC+EDUCATION: Navigating Music Education + Talent Development

Having identified all the support, advice and information that DIY Phase music-makers need – how can we make sure that’s available to all hobbyist music-makers – and to anyone looking to build a career around their music.

There are many brilliant music education and talent development programmes and initiatives around the UK – alongside music lessons, tuition and activities in schools, and all the college and university courses available focused on music performance, composition, production and business.

How do they all fit together? What role do different programmes and institutions play? How can we better connect these programmes and institutions – and sign-post them to DIY Phase music-makers? And what is the role of the music industry in supporting all this work?

Launching the next round of mapping to be undertaken by the Pathways Into Music Foundation, we’re joined by people from across the music education community and music industry to make connections, build bridges and sign-post opportunities.

Joining the debate will be…
Dr Maha (The Kut) – Course Leader, Music Business, BIMM London + artist/label manager
Pamela McCormick – Founder + CEO, UD
Peter Chivers – Director, Create Music
Wizdom – Managing Director, We Are Impact + Head of MOBO UnSung

MUSIC+EDUCATION is curated by CMU and the Pathways Into Music Foundation