Music Industry Therapist Collective presents TOURING AND MENTAL HEALTH

Touring can be a rewarding experience and important revenue stream for performing artists and crew, but the demands of careers in live music can also contribute to serious mental health decline.

Join the Music Industry Therapist Collective as we combine lived experience and clinical expertise in order to help you navigate the highs and lows of life on the road.

We will explore what makes touring stressful, the impact of cumulative stress to the mind and body and why some people are more prone to suffering than others. Then we’ll present some solutions to help you create healthier, happier tours.

Dr Arun-Castro – BAPAM and MITC GP and ‘Roadie Medic’
Dr Simon Rowbottom – clinical psychologist and frontman of the Boo Radleys
Suzi Green – tour manager PJ Harvey, the Chemical Brothers and founder of the Back Lounge
Tamsin Embleton – ex-booker/tour manager, therapist and author of ‘Touring And Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual’