The National Plan says that music education hubs should work with local music employers and organisations to create “stronger connections between music education and progression into musical careers”. What does this really mean? And how can hubs effectively execute this vision?

We know that a vital part of achieving that objective is mapping music education and the music industry at a local and regional level.

Doing this gives hubs, educators, industry and other stakeholders a clear view of their local music ecosystem allowing them to identify what makes their area unique, and to draw everyone together to nurture and support creative talent locally and regionally, and across the country.

We will look at best practices for this and discuss how great mapping can drive educational excellence and help develop the next generation of music talent.

Beverley Whitrick – Music Venue Trust
Corey Johnson – Defenders Entertainment
Georgina Akers – BLENDID Artists
Pamela McCormick – UD
Vanessa Wilson-Best – Willingdon Community School

This session is part of the full day Music + Education strand presented by CMU.

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